Boston Public Schools

Boston, MA


Pinck & Co. was the Project Manager for Boston Public Schools’ (BPS) 10 year facilities master planning projects and City development and redevelopment projects. Margaret Wood served as lead Project Manager and advisor to the Mayor and his staff, coordinating groups focused on developing the vision, demographic analysis, facility assessment, and financing components of the project, as well as the community engagement process.  Her role included providing advice on BPS master plan issues and implementation including: the selection of outside vendors, review of proposals and assistance with contract negotiations; review of deliverables and the performance of contracts; the selection of team members, and the coordination of project staff; monitoring schedules and project budgeting; gaining regulatory approvals and securing special legislation.

The Facility Master Plan (FMP), now complete, provides a strategic framework for institutional reforms and capital investments for Boston Public Schools facilities. The FMP illustrates capital planning opportunities based on several points of new data and existing information that was analyzed throughout the master planning process.  The Facility Master Plan encompasses 128 school buildings and comprises more than 11 million gross square feet.


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