H.B. Lawrence School Project

About The Project

The City of Holyoke and the Holyoke Public Schools (HPS), with the support of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, has begun a Feasibility process to identify the best option to create a contemporary learning environment for middle school students in grades 6-8, as a step towards reconfiguring the District to facilities serving grades PreK-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  The need for improved  middle schools was identified through a community process in 2017, and includes the need to ensure that the proposed project ensures:

  • Middle schools are a “best fit” size – large enough to allow for meaningful teacher collaboration and a uniquely “middle school student experience, yet small enough to promote strong relationships

  • The closing or renovation of some of the District’s lowest rated facilities, and a related savings in operating cost

  • Equity of access to state-of-the-art facilities for all of Holyoke’s middle school students

The City has appropriated $800,000 for the Feasibility study, which will cover the cost of:

  • A consulting project manager, Pinck & Co. (http://pinck-co.com/), to manage the Feasibility process on the City’s behalf

  • An architectural and engineering design team led by Jones Whitsett Architects (http://www.joneswhitsett.com/), who will provide options analysis for a school on the H.B.Lawrence School, a school with a central location and a building in poor repair

  • Related due diligence, including engineering inspections, survey, geotechnical, geoenvironmental and hazardous materials assessments

  • Independent estimating by A.M. Fogarty (http://www.amfogarty.com/) of options developed by the design team

The City has created an Advisory Building Committee to work with the consultant team:  meetings of the Advisory Building Committee are publicly posted.  Information on the project, including committee members, overall schedule, presentations and meeting notes can be found here.  The City anticipates reimbursement from the MSBA of approximately 65%, or $520,000, of the cost of the Feasibility study.


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