Public Sector


In addition to our diverse range of private clients, Pinck & Co. has worked in the public sector to oversee projects for municipalities across the state as well as for the following public agencies: MassDevelopment, Massachusetts School Board Authority (MSBA), Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA),  Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA), Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). Our team brings to each project a deep understanding of budget and schedule constraints, complex financing, and approval processes. 

Public Procurement

Our in-depth knowledge of construction laws and regulations allows us to effectively manage the process for selecting a design firm and contractor that best meets our clients’ specific needs.  We also advise clients on the best construction delivery method and procurement process for their project. Our goal is to ensure they work with the right team who will design, develop and build a successful project.


We bring experience in knowing how to obtain complex permits in the City of Boston and throughout the Commonwealth, which allows us to meet critical deadlines and maintain schedules. Our team takes the lead in strategy, planning, and public presentations on behalf of our clients, which is key in garnering support for permitting.

Community outreach

Pinck & Co. has extensive experience working with communities to build consensus and address local concerns.  To maintain support for a public project, we ensure the board of selectmen, finance committee, and attendees of town meetings receive frequent project updates.  We help all constituents understand both the scope of a project and its timeline, emphasizing the importance of voting and community involvement. We also work closely with residents and business owners to minimize any construction impacts.